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 From an early age Amos Hemsley was immersed in comic books, action figures, and memorabilia that was common place for the Bronze age of comic books. Movies and television shows also caught his eye, such as great films like, Superman the Movie, Spider-man and the 1960's Batman TV series. Enjoying his favorite heroes from DC and Marvel, he developed a passion for them which he could only express in the sincerest form of flattery, "emulation". Garnering Inspiration from his idols such as Arthur Adams, Joe Buscema, and Neil Adams, he continued to grow and nourish his passion for it. Having all of this passion to want to create both film and comic book characters, clay became the new outlet for his imagination to grow. This new medium made it all tangible, it was something physical that not only he could touch but everyone else could as well. It was then he met his mentor and Friend Dave Cortes who trained him in the various methods used to sculpt action figures and models out of clay. This opened a plethora of doors that would eventually allow His dream to come to fruition. He furthered his craft by continuing to study classic sculpture. Viewing these sculpts and methods inspired him to take his sculpting to newer heights. However, in 2007, this all changed. Being introduced to a new way to sculpt digitally with a program called Z-brush it showed him the many advantages of digital sculpture. Amos continues to pump out figures for the toy industry and an occasional custom for his studio.

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